Unique Soda Pop Birthday Experience

My wife gave me a six pack of glass bottle pops for my birthday. She knows that I enjoy trying out different sodas and we decided to review the half-dozen together. Here are those reviews. Anchor – Ginger Root Beer Orca Beverage Soda Works Mukilteo, WA Aroma Me: Root Beer Bottlecaps + ginger beer. Annie: […]

Homeless for the Holidays

So this week my wife and I are moving out of our apartment. We almost lived here for two years, and that’s the longest I’ve lived somewhere for a while now. My wife and I started discussing what we would do if we couldn’t have children over two years ago when we first started trying […]

Birthday and Christmas Wishlist 2016

So with a month until my thirty-fourth birthday, two and a half months until Christmas, and some upcoming travel plans, I’ve updated my wishlist on Wishlistr to give people ideas of what I most want. Some highlights include: a new belt, preferably a nice reinforced one some books or an Amazon or Google Play gift […]

The Loss of Anika

So much loss. Not even a year ago I had to write a post entitled The Loss of Lily, and now I’m back memorializing Anika. Unlike that time, I’ve been sharing my joy and trepidation about the pregnancy on this blog, hoping that it wouldn’t turn out like before. On September 15th, I had to […]