New Job: My First Week at XWP

So after almost a month of being unemployed, I was able to secure new work for myself starting with a short contract with XWP that will hopefully become more. XWP is an agency with a focus on helping improve the publishing experience, and while they are primarily WordPress focused, that isn’t solely what they can do.

I am going to be leading team Hyperion, named after a moon of Saturn, but it is also the name of a class of ships in Babylon 5, one of my favourite science fiction shows.

The interview process was amazing. I met some super candid people that were open and honest about their needs and expectations, and that made it easy for me to be open and not try so hard to sell myself.

I’m super excited about the team I’m working with, and the current Team Lead that I’m taking over for isn’t going anywhere, as she will be moving into a Product Owner role. So I’ll continue to have access to her knowledge and strengths. I don’t think they could have set me up any better for success.

The atmosphere on week one has been super supportive. They really want me to take my time and on board properly. They didn’t throw me in the deep end, and they didn’t rush me to complete the list of tasks they had ready for me to integrate into their team. I couldn’t have asked for a better, more sane, and more comprehensive start to leading a team of engineers with the goal of making clients happy.

If you haven’t heard of XWP before, please check out their website: to learn more.


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