Upcoming Changes to Gravity Forms

On Carl Hancock’s Twitter account, he has been letting people know about upcoming changes to Gravity Forms that may interest some of you. All of the following is public information, and not some special inside information that I have working at rocketgenius. These plans could change, as they aren’t official statements, but I thought some of you might enjoy a quick look at what’s happening.

CRM Abilities – Gravity Forms is going to let you add contacts and businesses to Gravity Forms so that you can manage your connections and contacts.

Hosted E-mail – Many people have had issues with Gravity Forms sending notification messages, thanks in large part to the complexities of sending e-mail. I had an idea it was complex, but after supporting the issues for more than a year, I now have an appreciation of how difficult it can be to send an e-mail from one server to another.

Gravity Forms is going to be providing a hosted e-mail solution that’ll bypass some of the complexities by getting the e-mail sent from a trusted service.

Stripe – If you want to purchase Gravity Forms, you currently need to use Paypal, but soon it will switch to Stripe instead.

HasOffers – As you can see from the proceeding tweet, Gravity Forms will also be moving its affiliate system from e-Junkie to HasOffers. Not sure what this will mean for us, but expect to see more news on this soon.

Reoccurring Payments – Gravity Forms currently doesn’t allow you to subscribe to renew your license, and as such, there have been people that have accidentally let their license lapse. Gravity Forms will soon let you have it set-up so that your license is a reoccurring payment.

Discount Changes – It looks like you will need to subscribe for reoccurring payments of Gravity Forms if you want to maintain your renewal discount.

Ticket Based Support – I feel bad when I overlook or miss a ticket on our support forums, and as our support requirements increase, so does the chances your support request will be missed by the team because of how quickly other requests are stacked up on top of each other.

Soon, Gravity Forms will have a complete ticket based system for all support needs, meaning there will be full tracking on our end to make sure every ticket is addressed.

Documentation Moving to Custom Post Types – Currently, Gravity Forms uses WikiMedia to manage documentation, but it looks like we will be changing to Custom Post Types in WordPress to achieve the functionality and ease of use going forward.

If you want to know more about what might be coming down the pipe with Gravity Forms, I highly suggest following Carl on Twitter.

6 responses to “Upcoming Changes to Gravity Forms”

  1. Some pretty neat things in there. For a minute, I thought you’d be able to do support-ticketing *within* gravity Forms, which would be awesome.

    • With some upcoming changes, we are getting closer to being able to do that, but no real development towards that specific goal has been done, as of yet. šŸ™‚

  2. We could certainly build an Add-On for Gravity Forms that does what our help desk provider, HelpScout, does but we love HelpScout so aren’t too interested in replacing it with our own solution. But you are certainly correct, you could.

    For smaller volume support you could utilize Gravity Forms alone. Form a time we did just that. But at a certain point when volume grows you need a solution built specifically for support and HelpScout is out favorite solution.

    Some of the things David mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg. Amazingly Gravity Forms will be turning 4 years old. Counting our ore-launch beta period it is also over 4 years old. But I can tell you one thing… we’ve only just begun. We have big plans for the future and that future is blindingly bright.

  3. If you can purchase Gravity Forms by Stripe it would be great to have a Stripe Add-On so we can use Stripe instead of PayPal on our own forms. I know there are others out there but if you’ve just integrated Stripe then an add-on offered as part of GF would be great!

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