Star Trek: Into Darkness Review


I can’t say too much about the movie without spoilers, but I can say that while I didn’t feel like it was a Star Trek movie, I really enjoyed myself. I found the actors portrayals of the characters to be top notch.

I’ve never been a fan of the Original Series, but I do remember the wit and bravado that the actors had, and I think the new actors have taken these characters and made them more real, more approachable, all the while keeping those seeds sewn in the sixties.

The special effects were top notch, and the story was much better written than I had expected. J.J. Abrams also threw in some nice fan service moments for those that are experts in Trek-lore.

Small spoiler – My favourite agency gets mentioned.

I went to the theatre with Annie and some of her friends and family, and we all seemed to enjoy ourselves immensely. There was lots of laughter, some nail-biting moments and some big surprises.

Overall, I have to give Star Trek: Into Darkness a four and a half out of five.

It wasn’t the Star Trek movie I wanted, but it was an amazing movie and I definitely recommend seeing it on the big screen.

Also… Benedict Cumberbatch *squee!*

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3 responses to “Star Trek: Into Darkness Review”

  1. David, thanks for your review and thanks Annie for your thoughts…now I want to go see it more than ever. I am not a Star Trek fan despite Rick’s best efforts but I did enjoy the last movie as an action flick. Should be coming to Hanover this week or next… night at the movies….woohoo. I am also a HUGE Benedict Cumberbatch fan (I’ve watched the Sherlock episodes on Netflix 7 or 8 times and still am amazed at his acting abilities and delivery). Hope you are enjoying your long weekend. 🙂
    PS. Did you ever get my Facebook message?

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