rocketgenius Weekly Meeting

At work today, we started what will hopefully be a weekly scheduled meeting where we will organize the direction of the company, and keep track of the progress on various projects.

Being that it was the first one, it went for twice as long as what some people expected, but I got to learn about what was happening in the company, and where we are heading. I even got the inside scoop on projects being developed, and as one of the original fanboys, I can’t help but get excited about what the team are doing.

I wish I could write all about what was discussed. There were more projects being worked on than I had heard about previously, and I am super excited to see them released. We didn’t focus too much on timelines because they are still potentially changed by external factors.

One of the big developments I’m hoping to spend more of my time on is screencasts and tutorials. I want to help with documentation and creating things to help reduce the barrier to entry and learning curve with regards to Gravity Forms.

One response to “rocketgenius Weekly Meeting”

  1. That’s excellent! Communication about the direction of the company is very important and helps everyone get excited about the company’s future.

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