Settling In

Now that I’ve been in my apartment for nearly two weeks, I’m starting to settle in. I am still waiting to have an Internet connection at my apartment, but beyond that, I’m doing well. I have all my stuff in my apartment, and it doesn’t look like it is going to be over full.

I had to laugh at the fact that I had three times more boxes for the kitchen than any other room or space, but I definitely enjoy putting meals together more often than not. I have had Annie over a few times for a meal, sometimes we get to make an evening out of it, but other times, she just arrives to eat, and leaves again shortly after the food is done.

Since arriving, I’ve done two grocery runs, a sure sign that I’m truly settling in. I’ve also started to unpack a bit, or at least open some boxes.

I spent most of yesterday working from my desk by the window, trying to soak in any sunlight that pushes its way through the thick overcast. I definitely feel that once I have Internet again, that I can get my life back to normal, and truly feel settled in.

Until then, I hope to keep cooking the odd meal, going grocery shopping, and unpacking. The normal things in life that’ll keep me feeling like Georgetown is now home.

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