Looking for an Apartment

So, my digital nomad plan isn’t going to go the way I expected. I had thought that I would take a few more months and travel around a bit, but I never assumed I would be in a relationship, and even while in a relationship, I never thought it would be serious enough to warrant changing any plans I might have had.

They say though that God laughs at your plans, and in this case, I really don’t mind. My new plan is to find somewhere near Annie to live. I have been working on this for a little while now, and I am hopeful that I’m close to locking down a place to live.

The rental market where I’m looking is pretty crummy, and I’ll be paying as much as I was in downtown Ottawa to live in a town, less than one twentieth the size, with no public transportation, no big shopping centers, and a lack of many other city conveniences.

The upside though is that I’ll be closer to Annie and her family, I’ll have access to the GO system that will allow me to easily and quickly get into Toronto for conferences, events and to travel elsewhere, and I’ll be only a little further from my family than I was when I was in Ottawa.

I am very hopeful that things will work out with Annie. Our relationship has been moving strongly in the right direction over the last few weeks, and we really have gotten to the point where being separated by so much distance is detracting rather than adding to what we have.

Hopefully, in the next couple of days, I will have secured an apartment, and can talk about where I’m moving and when, and then what next steps I’m going to take in my life. This is an exciting time for me, and I have to admit, I’ll enjoy not feeling like I’m a burden on others anymore and instead having a place of my own again.

4 responses to “Looking for an Apartment”

  1. You are not a burden to us. You are more then welcome to couch surf at our place! But I hope you can lock things down this the potential rental and be closer to the one you love. Let me know if you ever need any help with anything and I will do my best.

    • Thanks, I really appreciate that. I feel most comfortable here because I know that I’m not taking up resources you have to pay for (electricity, hot water, etc…) So I don’t feel like as much of a mooch. πŸ™‚

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