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  1. Andrea

    Awww. I’m sad for you…but I’m here for you Dave. Think of all the good things going on in your life!
    1. You don’t have teenagers 🙂 Thank your lucky stars!!!!
    2. You’ve been doing great with your eating plan and your photography
    3. You could be hanging out with a bunch of drunk losers on a Sat. night at a bar where you could catch diseases or worse 🙂

    Everyone gets down sometimes….Hope tomorrow is a better day!

    • David Peralty

      1. I sometimes still feel like a teenager. No way I could deal with raising one. 🙂
      2. Thanks, and despite a speed bump tonight on both, I’m looking forward to improving them more as time goes on.
      3. My roommate is doing that right now on the deck. Loud music, lots of alcohol. Laughing and partying. Though it is not my scene, it definitely makes me feel lonely. Though “ew” on the diseases part.

  2. David Peralty

    As bad as I feel tonight, I’m glad it isn’t as constant as it used to be. I guess it is just because I’ve been working all day, and my roommate has been partying with friends. I’m still friendless in Brockville which makes it hard sometimes.

    • David Peralty

      I don’t think I’ll ever be a car owner again and unfortunately, I’ve already got plans to go to Kingston next weekend to take my cousin to see the last Harry Potter, and hang out with my cousins and aunt.

  3. Andrea

    Have fun at Harry Potter…we can’t wait til it comes to the big theatre in Hanover 🙂 Let me know what you think…I always like your reviews!

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