OPPW: Week Four – 297.0lbs

So, I made my goal, and I’m one more pound down. I have to admit, I’m starting to feel a bit more energetic, and people have noticed the change in my face. I really didn’t eat well this week, nor did I do my exercises, so I’m sort of surprised that I still made my goal. I guess it is a good reminder that if I kick my butt a bit more, I can do better than my goal.

The good news is that I haven’t had any of the issues I’ve had on other diets where I deny myself things. It has really been more about portion control, trying to swap out bad things for good as much as possible, and this week, I ate breakfast every day (which in some ways is a victory on its own).

Next week, I’m hoping to be 296 pounds or less. I’ve been looking at buying a bike, but I’m worried I might be too heavy, as most of them say their maximum rated weight is in the 250’s.

The other advantage of not denying myself is that there is less reason to binge as I used to on other diets during “cheat days” or “reward days”. So if you are dieting and trying to deny yourself the things you crave or enjoy, I think you are doing it wrong. Spend the extra money, buy a smaller version of it at the grocery store, bulk barn or wherever, and use portion control at the purchasing stage. Don’t buy a box of single packs and expect your willpower to stop you from having five kit-kat singles.

Don’t buy a two litre bottle of pop. It might seem like a rip-off, but buy a single, smaller size and then try to stretch it out as long as you can stand it. It definitely seems to be working for me, though the up front cost is higher, I try to remind myself that the long term benefits are worth it.

One response to “OPPW: Week Four – 297.0lbs”

  1. congrats Dave i think its awesome that you have found a way too lose weight that is working for you, I need to get myself in gear and start getting myself healthier. I don’t think i ever eat breakfast and barely eat a lunch. i want to do p90x but don’t have all the stuff i need and i’m lacking motivation. hopefully sooner rather than later i will come to my senses and get on track. are you still using your juicer? do you have a favorite concoction yet? anyways congrats and keep up the good work

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