OPPW: Week Two – 301.2lbs

So this week, I went in the wrong direction. Despite being sick for two days, and eating nothing but saltines, rice and ginger ale for two days, I still managed to gain weight. I guess it doesn’t help that all I did for those two days was lie in bed, for the most part. Even last night, I ended up getting eleven hours of sleep. My diet, otherwise, hasn’t been too bad though. I’ve been eating pretty well, and not cheating much.

My goal for this week will be to increase my exercise, and continuing to try to avoid processed sugars as much as possible. I’m not going to let one weigh in bum me out too much as for the most part, I was weighing in closer to my goal for most of the week. Then, on the first of July, I am planning on weighing in at 297.8, or two and a half pounds less than I am today, and back on track for my goals.

I just wish I understood why my weight went up rather than down…

One response to “OPPW: Week Two – 301.2lbs”

  1. Saltines are full of salt, which make you retain liquids, and the ginger ale is full of sugar, which doesn’t help. The weight will come off, keep at it!

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