New Tattoo

So today, I went to Ink Brigade in Brockville and got my second tattoo. My first one, a black Phoenix sits high on my left arm, and I don’t see it very often. I was planning on my second tattoo being an Omega symbol, but couldn’t decide on the shape, size, texture or anything else, so instead, I went and got a compass rose.

You’ll notice that there is no letters marking off direction, and that’s part of the symbolism of the tattoo. I got this one on the inside of my right wrist, where I’ll see it often. I’m very happy with the work done by Joe. I have plans for at least two more tattoos, but those will come in due time. For now, check out the pictures I took of the final result.

2 responses to “New Tattoo”

    • As soon as I got my first one, I knew I wanted more though some people thought I was crazy to have my second one be on my wrist. Have you ended up getting any more since I last saw you?

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