I’m Looking For That Perfect Job

Copied from my site, BrandingDavid.com

All of my work both online and off over the last six years have taught me a great deal about what I want out of a career. I’ve learned that money isn’t a true driving factor for me and that I want a job that provides me with a strong work to life balance, flexible scheduling, and the satisfaction that comes from being able to measure what I’ve done, the effect it has had, and really feel like I’m making a difference in a company.

What am I looking for?

Currently, I live in Brockville, Ontario but I’d be willing to move to either Ottawa or Kingston for the right job. I would still be looking to move to one of these two cities, even if the job is a remote-office one.

I think I’d really enjoy working either part-time or full-time with a wide mix of roles and responsibilities. In order of appeal, I’d like to do the following:

  • WordPress Expert
  • Social Media/Online Marketing
  • Community Management and Development
  • Topical Writing and Blogging
  • PHP/xhtml/CSS Web Development
  • IT Management / Tech Support

What kind of compensation would appeal to me?

I’m moving my life towards minimalism, and as such, I have also been able to scale back the amount of compensation it would take for me to thrive, and enjoy life. With that in mind, I’m looking for part-time opportunities (~20 hours per week) that pay around $1750 per month or full-time positions (35 hours per week) where compensation is around $3500 per month.

What have I done previously?

Currently, I’m the Online Marketing Manager for the Charity Marketing Group. I manage a yearly budget of around a quarter million dollars per year. This money is spent on various online advertisements, including multiple self-directed Google AdWords campaigns. My job also requires me to manage multiple sub-contract web developers and designers, as well as a few freelancers.

Beyond my Online Marketing work, I’m also the in-house web developer, managing half a dozen high traffic web properties, and the IT manager for both Charity Marketing Group and Winning Charities where I administrate the network, and control purchasing and implementation of technology initiatives.

If you would like to read more on what I’ve done, download my full resume in Microsoft Word document format where I highlight some of what I’ve done over the past six years.

You want to hire me? Here’s how to contact me.

The best way to quickly get in touch with me is to e-mail me directly at dperalty@gmail.com.

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