Faster Internet Connection

Eastlink, the company I use for my Internet connection, has added new package that would allow me to upgrade my Internet connection at home to a 100meg connection. Currently, I have a 6meg connection that performs well, and I have no complaints with it, but ever since I heard that 100meg connections could be available, I’ve wanted one. The downside though is two-fold. The first issue is the cost. Coming it at around $160 per month, the 100meg connection is nearly three times what I pay currently for my Internet connection. The second issue, and a larger one in my opinion is that the 100meg connection comes with a data transfer limit of 250GB. I am not sure how much I’ve been downloading lately on my uncapped 6meg connection, but I would hazard a guess that I currently go over 250GB in a single month, and so I would probably destroy that number if I was given access to Internet that is over ten times faster than my current limit.

But still, I know I’d giggle like a little child browsing around on a 100meg connection. The geek in me wants it, but my brain reminds me at how costly it would be, especially if I went over the bandwidth limit… sigh.


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  1. WTL

    You could ask to try it for a month. Unless my math is wrong, you could , in theory download you maximum in under two days. What would you do for the other 28 days?

    • David Peralty

      That’s a scary thought… Maybe, for now, I should just get the 15 or 30 meg connection. The 15 meg connection is more than 2x the speed of what I have now, only $30/m more and doesn’t have a bandwidth cap. The 30 meg connection is $40/m more but has the same 250gb cap…

      What speed do you have piped into your home Tom?

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