Too Much Living Space

Tiny House from Tumbleweed Homes
Tiny House from Tumbleweed Homes
Even my apartment is too big for me. I don’t even use the bedroom that I have in my one bedroom apartment. Currently, it stores a few odds and ends that I have, including an old mattress that I need to eventually get rid of.

I have my bed in the living room, next to a printer table that I have my computer stuff on. I have a really nice computer chair, and that’s it for the living room. The kitchen is also somewhat useless. Other than my toaster oven, George Foreman grill, and small fridge, I don’t really use the kitchen.

I could easily live in a house that was less than five hundred square feet.

Interestingly enough, for the last two years, I’ve been really interested in the tiny house movement.

I love the idea of having just enough space to work on my computer, watch movies on a couch, eat, and sleep. I think around 140 sq feet, plus a loft to sleep in would do just fine for me.

I don’t quite understand all the laws related to such things, nor do I completely get how they deal with water waste and softenenin, but with a small house, and the proper WaterSoftenerGuide and a renewable energy system, it could easily be a comfortable, relatively inexpensive, zero grid energy requiring place to live. I really hope to someday put my ideas about tiny living into practice and it would be even better to learn how to build the house myself (maybe with the help of some friends and family).

Check out the above video by the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company.

3 responses to “Too Much Living Space”

  1. That.. is small.
    I find myself getting stir crazy after being in such a small space, plus I love to cook, and stretch out reading. If I can avoid the computer / computer desk, I do it. Add a balcony or porch to one of those homes though and I bet I’d be all over it, hehe. A weakness of mine.

    • I would definitely want my home to have at least 3-5 acres of land around it so I could have a fire pit and some good trees to read under… Having a small house means being outside more, and I think that’s something I need a boot in the butt to do here and there.

      It would be funny to have a deck that was bigger in square footage than the house. 🙂

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