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A feeling of heat spread across Kya’s cheeks. She forced herself to stand as straight as possible. In her mind, she dug deep and mustered up as much confidence as she could. She wanted her next words to be powerful, despite a small voice inside her reminding her that nothing good could come of what she was about to do. “You have no right to go bad mouthing me behind my back!”
“You!” Don Georgetown yelled, his deep voice causing Kya to flinch involuntarily. He took a breath and continued quietly. “You came in here dressed-” He waved his hand at her as though he was pausing to try and find the right words. “Like a child. Streaks in your hair which you knew were against the dress code. Did you think that we couldn’t see them? Jeans or sweatpants, showing up late, improper documentation. Everything you did was to spit in the face of the corporate image. You rebelled every chance you got. You were a liability. I am looking out for the welfare of any company considering you as an employee.” Don’s face went red as he completed his rant, seeming both winded and satisfied, he stopped.
“I don’t need to take this.” Kya said coldly. “You never gave me any respect, why should I-”

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Star Trek: Secrets – Page 4

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A restless night sleep after studying the specifications and crew reports was expected, but Leon also knew that he didn’t have to be happy about it. Feeling lethargic, he turned to the replicator in his small bachelor style quarters.

“Half litre glass of water. Five degrees celsius.” The glass appeared and Leon drank it down in a single motion. The cool, refreshing liquid was part of his morning routine, having dropped any caffeinated beverages from his day a few years back. Continue reading

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Leon sat in his task chair and opened up the specifications of the Raven. Over a thousand pages of specifications, diagrams and engineering notes were at his fingertips. The ship was sleek, a profile that reminded him of a mix of the Defiant class and Talon class and it fit in between in size.

Slightly larger than the Danube class runabout, the Raven was one of the first in the Artemis class of stealth interceptors. Leon couldn’t help but be unnerved at the close quarters the crew, his crew, was going to have to maintain. Just two decks separated the vessel, with the first being dedicated to the bridge, Captain’s quarters, medbay, and mess hall, while the lower deck was set-up for the rest of the crew quarters and engineering. The detailed specifications went on forever, but Leon wasn’t about to command a ship that he didn’t have intimate knowledge of. Continue reading

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Admiral Pine opened a drawer in his desk, and pulled out a PADD. He activated it, and then slid it across his desk towards Leon.

“I don’t know if you even need this, but here are the rest of the specifications for your ship, and profiles on your crew.”

Leon grabbed the thin device, its surface mostly a touch screen display. Already activated, it was displaying a three dimensional representation of the Raven, a small, agile looking ship, with very few amenities. “Sir. If that is everything?” Continue reading

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Kya’s jaw fell, her mouth hung wide open. The words felt like a saw ripping through her brain. She turned her body slowly and looked directly at Sam. His face had a look of surprise as well, but when his eyes turned to her own, his expression changed.
“What’s wrong?” Sam said.
“What happened to Myles?” Kya’s mouth went dry. “He’s dead?”
“Yeah, pretty unbelievable isn’t it?” Sam’s attention drifted back to his screens and his eyes scanned quickly as he spoke. “They’ve been playing it on the news all afternoon. They have had a little more information during each of the news reports, and apparently the Chief of Police is going to speak on this broadcast.”
Kya shifted her whole body back towards the display. The muscles in her neck were so tight her head was unable to swivel. Her jaw started to shake uncontrollably as she watched the news report.
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Star Trek: Secrets – Page 1

The slate grey door slid open, and the smug face of Admiral Pine looked back. The Admiral’s office was sparsely decorated, but there were a few random niceties that helped hide its true purpose. A framed picture, which stuck out as old fashioned, sat on the large slate desk displaying an image of the Admiral’s family. Several medium sized, metal models of historical ships were lined up along a shelf on the far wall behind the desk.

Leon strode forward, confident and with military precision. His mind quickly took in as many details as he could. His only option was to sit with his back to the door, something he despised doing, but he also knew it was partly an act of trust. Looking at the ceiling, he spotted the cameras that were traditionally set to record all conversations since the multiple spy incursions and assassinations, but Leon knew that none of them were showing a live feed of the office.

“Good day, Leon.” The Admiral said. A creepy grin slowly opened wide, almost dividing the rest of his face from his very strong chin.

“Sir? I didn’t know we were on a first name basis.”

“Would you rather me call you agent Gabriel or Captain Gabriel?”

Leon wasn’t used to being unprepared, and didn’t like surprises, he held his expression firm while trying to quickly determine all of the potential meanings behind the Admiral’s words. Continue reading

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Callidus and Nitor walked ahead of the two Shadow Striders carrying Facillis’ lifeless body. Unlike Amelia’s funeral, there was no smell of death, only the evergreens that surrounded them.
Audentia shuffled along, devoid of any expression, at the back of the group. She was supported by Marge and Kya, her legs almost giving way beneath her as she stepped along the sloping hill.
The group walked in silence the entirety of the way back to the walls surrounding New Eden.
As they arrived at the spotlights, they began to shut down once again, but no rope came falling from overhead. Nitor waved his arms in the air at Scott, who was still standing watch on the wall, and a section of the wall in front of them vanished.
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The sun continued to crawl across the sky as Kya and Marge stood looking down on the settlement. Kya realized that she knew of a few parks with government signs on the outskirts of the city, but she never had a reason to go looking for them. She also knew that the busses wouldn’t take her near any of them. She wondered if those government parks could conceal other communities like the one below. As she turned and looked at Marge, Kya noticed that Marge had a pleased look on her face that exuded a great deal of pride.
“Why New Eden?” Kya asked.
“I didn’t name it.” Marge shrugged, a grin still plastered on her face.
The two women walked towards the buildings, and Kya could hear the faint sounds of guitar music and the laughter of children. In nearly every way, it looked like a small town, hidden away from society and trapped behind prison-like walls.
“So how do we get in?”
Marge chucked slightly as they arrived at the edge of the light cast by the spotlights. “Just keep following me, but no more talking until we are safely on the other side.”
Marge stepped forward, and Kya followed suit. Strangely, when any light even slightly illuminated Marge, it shut off. Arriving at the edge of the wall, a thick but tattered rope ladder fell.
Kya’s heart was racing to the point where it was all she could hear. The rapid thumping in her chest drowned out all other noises, and the rope appearing from above only served to make it worse.
Marge took the first rung, and began to climb while Kya continued to follow her lead.
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As they pulled into the church parking lot, Sam found a spot and turned off his car. He reached across Kya to open the glove box then handed her a small box of tissues.
At first, she felt slightly offended by his gesture, feeling that it was a sexist commentary on women always crying, but that notion passed in an instant when she looked into Sam’s face. Concern poured from his eyes which were locked on hers. Kya placed the box in her small black handbag, and took a deep breath. The sun almost blinded her as she exited the car. It felt like a cruel joke that the weather didn’t reflect the mood of the day, as though it wasn’t important enough for the universe to show respect for her lost friend.
The main area of the church, a long room with high ceilings, stretched outwards and crossing the distance felt like it took an eternity. Sam took Kya by the arm, and in doing so, steadied her slow march towards the front of the room. A rainbow of sunlight from the stained glass windows poured down on the rows of wooden pews. Kya slid into a nearby seat and noticed that Amelia’s sister Ainsley was absent. There were only a dozen people scattered in clumps around the church. It looked empty compared to the hundreds of people that it could potentially hold. The sheer lack of people surprised Kya. She looked around and saw none of Amelia’s co-workers from the Noble Brew, nor anyone else that she recognized. It angered her that so few people cared.
After a space of time that could have been an hour or only a few minutes, a procession of a handful of people entered the church. Amelia’s sister, Ainsley, held the hands of two small children, presumably her son and daughter. They followed two men in suits who pushed a simple, unadorned wooden casket to the front of the church. All of their faces seemed emotionless.
“No pallbearers.” Sam mumbled under his breath.
“Hmm?” Kya said mindlessly.
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Second Class Supers Returns

After nearly three weeks, Second Class Supers is starting back up tomorrow with page fifty. If you were expecting something special because it is page fifty, then you might be a bit disappointed. I know that I had preconceived notions that we were going to have to make it an amazing page, but the page number can’t control plot developments, and we have a system and set of ideas in place and we weren’t willing to compromise those to push out something extra juicy just because of the page number.

Some of you might know that our break has been due to some family illness and one of the family recently passed. You might also be shocked to read tomorrows page as it relates heavily to what happened in our real lives. The best writing is inspired from real life, and I hope that rings true with tomorrows page. I also hope that if anything else happens in real life as inspiration for the book, it is purely positive experiences. (I wouldn’t mind some Supers!)

I want to continue to thank everyone for their support. We have some amazing cheerleaders helping drive us forward, and continuing to be of great support for our continued efforts towards crafting the story we want to tell. We couldn’t do this without the support we’ve received.

I also wanted to give you all a quick glimpse at an image that will make up the cover for our story. Continue reading