Catching Up With Jeff Chandler

Last night I spent around four hours catching up with Jeff Chandler on a Google Hangout that he hosted. It was casual, and others dropped in and out pushing the conversation towards different things.

Jeff and I reminisced about the good old days where we used to do WordPress Weekly together, and discussed what it is like to be a remote worker. It was great catching up with him. It made me miss working with him, and he’s definitely matured over the last few years. I really enjoyed the conversation. Apparently, it was the third or fourth such late night Hangout.

If you haven’t heard me talk about Jeff before, I recommend you check out the WP Tavern, the website he helps operate. He’s a great guy, and I hope he continues to have success. I also hope to get back on WordPress Weekly sometime soon to chat with him, just like the good old days.

E-Bike Interest

With the realization that my new job is only twelve kilometers (7.5 miles) from home, I’ve started looking at biking options to get there and back on better weather days. Living in Halton Hills, the name fits the location, and I’d have to deal with some rolling hills no matter which direction I take to get out of town.

Add to that, the knowledge that I’ll mostly have to drive on the gravel surface along the roads to stay safe from the transport trucks that drive like maniacs, and I’m looking at a decent mountain bike or hybrid bike versus a lighter city bike.

If I pick up a mountain bike, and peddle at a reasonable speed, I could make it to work in less than three quarters of an hour (45 mins). This would be great exercise for me, and would make days easier for both Annie and I as we continue to be a one vehicle family. Continue reading

Last Day at rocketgenius

Today was my last full day at rocketgenius. I’ll be doing a few things this weekend to help out before I start my new job on Monday.

The last two weeks weren’t anything too special. I said goodbye to a few folks, but otherwise just did my job the best I could, and focused on finishing up some projects and assigned support tickets.

I can’t even explain how much I’m going to miss the team at rocketgenius. Deciding to leave was super difficult, and I truly feel blessed that I got to work with them all. Everyone was so welcoming, so easy to get along with. Carl, Kevin and Alex run a really great company, and I have no doubt that they’ll continue to be very successful.

I know that I’ll always be the number one fan of Gravity Forms, and that I’ll continue to follow what the team at rocketgenius does. You’ll likely see my retweet things from them as releases happen, and I hope to continue to have a dialog with everyone in the company. A huge thanks goes to everyone at rocketgenius for their friendship and support!

Writing on a Train

Since purchasing a laptop, I’ve only had the opportunity to write while on a train a handful of times and I found the experience very rewarding, so I can’t help but feel excited about what Amtrak is doing. Amtrak has decided, after a social media push and trail run to host a writer’s residency.

What does that mean? Well, twenty-four people will be given a two to five day train ride on one of the Amtrak routes, allowing them the opportunity to be inspired by the trip and focus on writing.

Here are some more details from Amtrak:

Each resident will be given a private sleeper car, equipped with a desk, a bed and a window to watch the American countryside roll by for inspiration. Routes will be determined based on availability.

My first thought was “why didn’t VIA Rail in Canada do this first?” Imagine travelling from Ontario to Quebec and back? Or what about a week long trip on their sleeper cars that head to British Columbia from Ontario?

There are definite opportunities here for VIA Rail to inspire writers with both being on a train, and the beautiful country that we live in. I would definitely sign up for an offer like what Amtrak is offering.

I have no doubt that Amtrak is going to receive thousands of responses before submissions close, and I urge any Canadians reading this blog to contact VIA Rail and point out the program started by Amtrak. This could be the start of a great symbiosis between a company providing a service, and the artistic community.

New Job: Communications Manager

I recently applied to and was interviewed for a new job which I subsequently was offered and accepted. I will be the new Communications Manager for Envirotech Office Solutions. I have big shoes to fill as they bring the role in-house, but I’m very excited about the opportunity.

I will start working there in the middle of March as I wind down at rocketgenius. The decision was super difficult. I wasn’t entirely sure I was going to take the offer at Envirotech, but I’m confident in rocketgenius’ continued success, and this is an opportunity that I just couldn’t pass up.

What does Envirotech Office Solutions do? They provide businesses with a way to purchase both re-manufactured and new office furniture. Envirotech has worked with companies like Telus, Logitech, Air Canada and Hewlett-Packard on design projects that revitalized their offices, while also reducing waste and saving the environment.

I am looking forward to pushing myself to expand my abilities, share what I’ve learned with the Envirotech team, and help the company grow. I will continue to share my experiences there, so keep checking back for more information on how I’m doing in the new role.

WordPress Theme Changes Again

I’ve gone back to a customized Confit theme on my blog because I find it easier to read and navigate. I find it cleaner than the new Twenty-Fourteen and easier to customize and personalize.

I know the team worked hard to create a really nice new default theme for WordPress, but it didn’t work for me. I hope you all enjoy this design as much as I do.

Thank you all for continuing to read my blog.

Moving My Distributel Service

Despite it costing a bit more money to have Internet in Georgetown, Distributel is the company that I decided to go with after talking to some of Annie’s family and I’ve written about their service a few times on this blog. Feel free to search out my Distributel posts if you are interested.

Today, I had to contact them about moving my Internet from my apartment to the new place I’ll be living, and I did so using their chat system. In less than ten minutes, I had a confirmation that my services would be moved.

While their moving fee of $60 is a bit higher than I’d expect, I am going to swallow it because I didn’t have to waste any time calling them, sitting on hold, and slowly reciting all of my information. Using their web chat system was super easy and seamless, and I really appreciate that they could do such a thing for me through that service.

The agent I had, Genevieve, was super helpful, easy to talk to, and fast at responding. She made sure multiple times that I understood what I was asking for, what I’d get and when I would be charged a moving fee. She also made mention of what the next steps are. All of these are important to making a customer feel confident and were handled perfectly.

I really appreciate the service I received today, and I hope the rest of the move goes as smooth. Thanks Genevieve from Distributel.

February 26th Update
Distributel called me last night while I was out, and let me know they would be going to the new place I’m living to install my Internet two days before I move in. Thankfully, the owner of the place has been really accommodating, and gave me a key to go over and wait for the technician.

As usual, I was told that the install would happen between the hours of eight in the morning and five in the afternoon, an almost useless time range to give someone.

The technician came today at 8:45am and installed and tested the line. After five minutes, he was leaving and on to his next installation. I feel like I’m definitely paying a lot of money for what was a five minute installation, and probably another minute of provisioning. Oh well, at least it was trouble free.

Wedding Website

For those that haven’t seen it yet, Annie and I are slowly working away on our wedding website:

We’ve put up details about where the wedding is being held, reception location, hotels in the area, and more.

While we’ve been hoping to add more to it than we have, there are dozens of projects for our wedding that we feel the same way about and the website is primarily just an informational tool. So if you have questions about where things are being held, check out the site.

Let me know what you think of it.

Gearing Up for My Twentieth Move

So, at the end of this month, I’m moving again. This time, I’ll be moving from my bachelor apartment above a convenience store to renting a house from a friend of Annie’s family. It will mean that things are going to be even tighter when it comes to money, but it will be a healthier environment for me to get work done and live my life.

I am slowly packing up all of my stuff in preparation for the move. While Annie is really excited about moving into the new place, and starting our lives together as husband and wife in a real house, I’m both tired of moving, and nervous about what our finances are going to look like.

With work keeping me busy, a second draft of Second Class Supers still a long way away, and a wedding come up in two months, adding moving to the list has definitely been a stressful addition to the list of things that needs to be done.

I can’t wait until it is all over and I’m in the new place. It is currently being renovated, and looks like it will be an amazing place to live. With a better kitchen, a dishwasher, and more, I’m hoping it will help me work towards losing more weight. It’ll also help that the nearest convenience store is at least a five or ten minute walk away and near a Subway and other options that aren’t chips, chocolate bars and pop. Living above a convenience store is just not something my limited willpower can handle.

Packing has also given me an excuse to get rid of things that I don’t need as I go through some of my still packed boxes from my move last year to see if there are things I don’t need. I picked up a few pieces of furniture while living in this apartment that will make moving out a bit more difficult than it was to move in.

So that’s the big news in my life right now. I hope to have some pictures of the new place in a week or two.

Not Feeling the Blogging Vibe

I go through periods where I just don’t feel like blogging, and I’m in that state right now. Even this post was hard to create.

There are unfortunately some really great moments in my life that I didn’t record in a post, and I’m sad about that because my memory can be so horrible sometimes. Lately, I just haven’t felt like blogging. I’m not sure what is going on, or why I haven’t felt like it. There are things happening, things I’m sure to forget. I guess sometimes, I just don’t see the point.