Lord of the Rings Day

Once a year, just after Christmas but before New Year’s, Annie’s eldest brother hosts an event where family gets together and we watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy. It starts early in the day and goes on for more than twelve hours, thanks to the extended editions. There is a ton of food, just […]

Quick Christmas Recap

The following post is really just a recap for me. I am working towards my goal of writing more about what happens in my life since I have such a poor memory. While in Kingston, Annie and I visited with my family, and had a great time. My aunt and cousin gave up their beds […]

Full House for Christmas in Kingston

Annie and I came to Kingston on Monday to be able to celebrate Christmas with my family. When planning, it looked as though we might have to get a hotel room, as the two houses in Kingston were already full. My Grandma and Mom having my brother, his wife and two children over, and my […]

Where is My Home?

Growing up as a military brat meant moving every three or four years. As an adult, I moved to go to College, living with my grandmother. When she sold her house, I moved into an apartment with her. After college, I moved around trying to balance my career aspirations with my desire to remain close […]