Depression Counselling

So I’ve sought out counselling a few times over the course of my life when my depression has gotten to be more than I feel I can handle on my own. I have a poor memory, so I’m going to do my best to recall some information, but please note that I might be forgetting […]

Free Idea: Popular John’s

So, Annie had me come with her today to go to Victoria’s Secret and during our visit, I whispered to her, “imagine what a guy’s version would look like.” So then, over the next hour or so, I considered what a viable version of Victoria’s Secret would look like for me. I call it Popular […]

The Perfect Gift For Me for 2016: Memories

This Christmas I was really fortunate and received many amazing gifts, but during a discussion with Annie, I realized that there is something that I constantly struggle with and it could be the opportunity for a perfect gift: memories. My memory for life events is really horrible. I can remember maybe five or ten days […]

Goodbye Sol – A New Story Project

Annie and I have been planning out a new collaboration story project for a few weeks now, and I was hoping to start writing it before 2016 started, but it took until this past Friday for the first page to go up on Annie’s blog. The story is called Goodbye Sol, and it will be […]

First Two Days at Fortrus Financial

Starting a new job gives me the “first day of school” jitters every time and as I arrived at Fortrus Financial for my first day, I was a bit nervous regarding what would be expected of me, and how I could provide value. Thankfully, after some great conversations with Matt, the President of Fortrus Financial, […]

Buying a Television

Annie has been asking me if we can buy a TV for the last few years and we have both always found a reason to delay. With the passing of our daughter, money that was being saved was freed up and a strong need for entertainment made the impulse buy happen. Though for me, an […]