Some Simple Website Advice

Recently, I was asked some advice about building and managing a website. I have two different paths I believe small business owners should take: hosting your own site and using If you aren’t trying to directly do eCommerce through your website, is a great option for building a simple business site. It is […]

Hospital Visit with My Grandma

So this past weekend, Annie and I made an unplanned trip to Kingston to see my grandmother. She was admitted to the hospital with pneumonia. Typically, for seniors, pneumonia isn’t good, but add her COPD to the mix, and she couldn’t breath much at all. When I found out she was sick, I started to […]

Free Basecamp Alternative: Freedcamp

While I’m not a huge fan of Basecamp’s simplistic to-do lists for managing projects, I do know that I need something to help me organize tasks, and when starting at Fortrus Financial, I looked at free options available and stumbled upon Freedcamp. I have been using Freedcamp for a month now and find it to […]

Cosplay Fabric Shopping

This past weekend, my wife, her cousin and I went out fabric shopping. Last year they all made medieval dresses and now they want me to get into the cosplay spirit. Ideally, I would have a science fiction outfit. Maybe a command officer uniform from Star Trek: The Next Generation, or a Ranger outfit from […]

First Month at Fortrus Financial

I feel like smaller companies where I’m able to leverage all of my skills are the best for me and my experience so far at Fortrus Financial only serves to reinforce that feeling. In my first month at Fortrus Financial, I’ve had the opportunity to use everything I’ve learned over the last fifteen years to […]

How Star Wars: Episode 8 Could Be Great

First off, for any of you that haven’t seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens, please skip this post as there will be spoilers. The movie was released five weeks ago, and while I feel like those that are real fans of the Star Wars universe will have already seen it, I don’t want to ruin […]